Monday, January 19, 2015

Ulu Wedding

Ulu *heart Ulu
Guess who had a secret wedding Thursday, January 15th, 2015? If you showed up to the 'engagement' party on January 17th you would have found out the answer.

Alecia and Naima have officially started their lives together as Mr and Mrs Ulu!

Welcome to the offical page to see the wedding photos and share your wedding photos of their day and reception.

The website to view the pro photos: Ceremony

The website to share your photos of the wedding in Canada: Please start a flickr account to share today!

You can always: ‪#‎nuluweds

Congratulations and Best Wishes to the happy couple!‬

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Walk in the Park, with the Watsons.

This was an enjoyable day and, surprisingly, not rainy!

The family together.

We started our journey in the Richmond Nature Park Nature House. Where the staff were very informative and the displays are very instructive and fun. We promised the kids we'd return to the House after the walk. I am glad we did.

The fabulous thing about an overcast day is the great colour saturation.

Run, kiddies, run!

As we started our journey into the 'wilderness', we decided to go the long route; and, what a good choice that was.

We began our trek at the pond.

One of us noticed all the bird houses in the park and started counting them.

Despite the fact it wasn't raining while we were there, there was mud everywhere! It was so muddy that feet were getting stuck often. (On purpose.)

And, one of us even got a dirty bottom from sitting down in the mud. (We suspect this was on purpose, too!)

Now don't sit down...doh!

Of course, we saw lots of what Richmond looks like with its natural flora:

And, some flora and fauna:

But, the best features of that day would have to be the fauna:

All of us recommend the Richmond Nature Park. We had a great day, enjoyed the walk (not too long), had a fab time in the Nature House, and learned a lot of what Richmond is like in its natural state.

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Thursday, May 07, 2009

William gets his first portrait session.

As promised here are more baby related shots. Last week I was fortunate enough to go see the Mount family again. A couple years ago I was lucky enough to photograph the daughter, Maya, at six months of age, 12 months of age and at 18 months. This time they had a new edition, William.
William is so cute and such a joy to photograph! He was happy the whole time and was perfectly happy to be moved around and even enjoyed the flashing lights. Of course, who wouldn’t have been enchanted by his big sister showing me her version of a unicorn butterfly princess. Quite frankly I had no idea they even existed until that moment! Playing with Maya, photographing William and then reading Maya a book completed my delightful day with the family. I am looking forward to seeing them all again in six months. Enjoy these photos…

Giovanni of Pink & Grey Style and Image Consulting

Recently, I have been working closely with Giovanni from Pink & Grey Style and Image Consulting. We have been giving deserving winners makeovers and the ‘after’ fashion photo shoot to go with their new look. These women are amazing women and are very deserving of their new found looks! Every month we have had the before and after shots and write up printed, in full colour, in the Burnaby Leader. Here are some photos from a couple recent editions. Enjoy!

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Kristy and Mark

Enjoy these photos of Kristy and Mark as they celebrate their new baby girl still within the womb!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

30th Annual Wedding Fair

This year we are joining other wedding vendor in the 30th Annual Wedding Fair. This time we have a fantastic 'Door-Buster Special'! If you or anyone you know needs a wedding photographer for the 2009 wedding season come visit our booth (#39) to receive a show special discounted wedding package! You can only get it here and these are the last two days for this wedding season, 2009. Hurry, offer ends soon!

Visit their web site for details and tickets. You could always call or e-mail us for help, too.

We look forward to seeing you there and answering all your wedding photography questions. Come see our portfolios and look at some beautiful photographs.


Monday, December 22, 2008

Mini Cakes

We have all seen cupcakes instead of a traditional wedding cake for years. They are really cute and we love them because they are so practical. You can eat it with your hand and you take what you want not what is handed to you.
But, we are also loving the mini cakes that have been popping up everywhere, too.
These are so cute and lots of fun because each guest can bring one home; they double as the favor. Of course, you have a few as display and as the ‘wedding cake’ for cutting but each guest gets one in an individually wrapped package to take home. Then everyone can indulge the catered desert that you paid for with dinner any way.
It’s a win-win. Your guests get to chose their desert, you don’t have to buy an expensive cake no-one will eat, all the guests love the mini cakes to take home, and you don’t have to pay for cutting or any favors no-one keeps anyway!
We found some beautiful mini cakes on-line from Kathy Dvorski Cakes (Ontario, Canada), Debbie Brown (Ashford, Middlesex, UK) and Peggy Porschen (London, UK). Hopefully these will inspire!

We also found some cute mini cake pans from Wilton. See their web site for photos and more details.

Blog Update

Dear faithful readers we are changing the format of this blog over the next few months.

At greysquare photographics we pride ourselves on helping brides find what they need for their wedding. Since we are in the biz and you only get married once we figure we probably know a little more than the average bride. We see a lot of weddings each year and see what works. In our blog we will bring our expertise and experience to the masses. Once a month, or so, we will be interspersing our blog with wedding info and updates on what we enjoy in the biz.

We hope you enjoy the information and if you have any questions please comment or send us an e-mail.

Best Wishes,

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Welcome back with Rock n' Roll wedding!

So it has been awhile since the last time the blogging happened. Many things have changed but not the basics of photography.
I have been asked to add some of my own photography to this blog. A few projects I have recently done to show what greysquare photographics does in a regular work day.
Alright then, here goes...

Rock n' Roll wedding!
This was a really fun wedding with the couple being from the band, Sugarblade. It took place outside in the family's backyard with glowing members of the family and friends from around the world. It was really special (and very tongue-in-cheek).

Kim and Greg are always having fun and laughing. Their house is filled with laughter. We had so much fun capturing them being themselves with each other and their guests.
They had custom made their wine bottle labels to show their sense of humour.

All the guests had such a good time because it was a very intimate wedding. Everyone had a chance to visit with the bride and groom. They visited with everyone at their table and introduced guests to each other so everyone felt like family.

We were able to go to the local hostel which had an excellent view of the ocean and a really funky window. I really wanted to get the band photo feel for this part of the portraits. Of course, Kim and Greg had an excellent time joking around.

Of course , it is very easy to photograph beautiful people. And, there is nothing more beautiful than a couple full of love for each other that just got married.

We really enjoyed working with Kim and Greg. We wish them all the happiness and the many babies they mentioned they want.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Babies! Babies! Babies!

I love babies!

They seem to be everywhere these days! Every few years it seems that there is a trend to have babies. (This sounds callous but isn’t supposed to sound that way.) I love babies, after all.

I especially love to photograph babies. This can be quite difficult as a new parent and I usually say leave it to the professionals. But, not everyone can hire a photographer 24/7 until the boy/girl is 18 years old. So here, I will give you some pointers.

1) Get down to their level

You will find that most amateur baby pix are from an adult perspective. How boring. Get down to baby perspective. You will see what they see and you will ‘become one with baby’. At this level you will get the facial expressions you see but can’t capture. Also this is at a more personal level and this personality will show in your photos.

2) Come in closer

You can’t hurt your baby by coming in a little close. You want them to engage with the camera. A hand on your lens will not wreck it forever. Believe me when I say a little baby spittle on your lens is easily cleaned off. Take photos of details of your boy/girl: a finger, an eyebrow, or just an eye.

3) Black and White

All your other photos are in colour why not make these pictures classical by photographing in black and white? Black and white is more about people and their personalities. There is a time for colour, too, but maybe this isn’t it.

4) Direct flash is a no no

Try to use available, soft light. Natural light coming in a strategically placed window (or a window near a strategically placed baby) is perfect. A harsh direct light will not compliment the soft baby bum you are trying to capture.

5) Uncluttered backgrounds

You don’t need a backdrop to do nice portraits all you need is an uncluttered background. Why not take the baby photos on your bed surrounded by a white duvet? Or, even on your white/off white carpet? Just keep the background uncluttered and your photos will look professional. Your baby is the subject matter not the rowing machine in your living room.

I hope these tips help in your next baby photoshoot. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for this or any other subject please write to me.